Compare and contrast the relationships between the students and their teacher in “Students” and “Crow Lake.” In your response, you must discuss both passages.

Exam 2009

     Students by Tom Wyman and the story Crow Lake by Mary Lawson may be very different pieces of writing but contrast a similar theme. Its about teachers frustrations with their students and difficulties they face relating to their students in different situations.

     Crow Lake is about an assistant professor studying invertebrate ecology. She enjoys researching and making her lectures but she is frustrated by her students. She does not enjoy teaching because of her students. She expresses this discontent when she says “Teaching I don’t enjoy at all”. Her students do not acknowledge the effort she puts into her work. Students are allays looking forward to the end of the year when they are done with her class and free of her class. She feels sad that she put so much work into teaching unmotivated kids, she feels that her skills are wasted.

     Students by Tom Wyman has a similar theme. It is about a university professor. He feels frustrated as well as his students don’t care about the class he teaches. His students think “pass or higher why put any more into learning?” they only care to pass the class but beyond that, they refuse to put in any effort. His students sit in class inattentively with headphones in their ears. They sit attentively in class but only look forward to the point where they get to leave.

     After reading Crow lake and Students we see a similar theme. Teachers love to teach and only wish to spread information to little balls of potential, their students. In the end their work is wasted as their students do not pay attention and only care about passing the class. These passages opened my eyes to the way many teachers feel. Dosing of in class of listening to music seems harmless but in reality makes the teach feel negative, they will feel as if they are not able to relate to their students and that their efforts are wasted.


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