Who is to blame for the tragedy in Frankenstein?

In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, a doctor creates a being composed of the rotting corpses from a grave. He is so horrified of his creation he runs away. The monster murders his whole family for abandoning him. Who is responsible for this tragedy? Was it society for ostracising him? Was it Doctor Frankenstein for abandoning his creation and not taking responsibility for his actions? Or was it the monster? After all he is Frankenstein’s tragic flaw. Meditating on this question we come to the conclusion that doctor Frankenstein and society are to blame for this tragedy, he was not love or nurtured and they had a prejudice against the hideous disfigured monster.

The monster said that he is “Naturally good”. I believe there is no such thing as human nature, there is human behavior, which is composed of the environment we are nurtured in. The monster was forced to grow up alone without human interaction. He learned how live by lurking in the shadows and spying on humans but every time he makes contact with people they had a complete disregard for ethics and where not capable of seeing past his hideous face to see the human. The monster wants to help people and connect to people but that is impossible for his creator Frankenstein made him to be so grotesque. Frankenstein is also to blame. He desecrated the bodies of those who died and even when his family was being murdered he didn’t take responsibility for his actions, he didn’t warn his family and tried to take on his problems by himself which was a selfish decision and resulted a tragedy. Frankenstein didn’t even give the monster a name, symbolising that he had no interest in raising the monster and that the monster meant nothing to him. Perhaps if Frankenstein had stayed and nurtured his creation, if he taught him moral values, the monster would not have sought revenge.

Humans are a product of the environment they grow up in, society treated the monster as less and where not capable of accepting him. Even his creator had no interest in raising him or teaching him of morality and this resulted in the death of his family.


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