I sit and look out…

The school system has me locked in. What choice do I have but to sit and look out quietly to my boring teachers as they feed me useless information. All the educational system has taught me is that to learn information, I’m going to have to hate it as well. Why can’t learning be fun? When am I going to apply the Pythagoras thorium or the scientific method? Why do schools have to oppress their students? I am disappointed in the way our country chooses to educate its future.

First of all, learning is great and fun, educating yourself on subjects that you find fascinating is one of life’s greatest pleasures. This is where the school system fails. We are told that if we sit down, shut up and study the mind numbing materials we are given, then we shall be successful in life. This simply scares kids and makes them anxious for the future; further more they think that the only way to learn in to be bored out of their minds. When a kid sits in class he is likely to be thinking about having laughs with his friends or playing a video game. Why? Because they are fun! People play basketball not to be successful, but because hitting that three-pointer feels good. If schools Just taught useful life skills and then allowed kids to make decisions on what they learn then the attitude of students would be very different.

Where is the disinterest of kids more apparent than in math class. When in a child in his lifetime going to put the Pythagoras thorium to use? When is he going to need to find the value of X? I think most students would agree that math class teaches you nothing in terms of life skills and furthermore in a waste of time. Math will not aide you in social aspects of life, and will not aide you in difficult situations. It will however allow you mind to ponder how the class is an utter failure. Does it make sense to cram 10 math equations into your head and drop them after test day? Will determining the value of X make you more qualified for a job?

School suppresses its students by taking away 6 hour of their day and they invading what little free time they have with homework, which has been proven useless by research done by doctor Walker. School also suppresses creative and independent thoughts, if you disagree with the teacher, you’re in trouble. If you dare to think of a new way to do something, it’s automatically wrong. In many classes I’m am afraid to participate out of fear of being wrong, schools should reward kids for being wrong as being wrong allows us grow and learn from our mistakes. Yet we run educations systems telling kids that mistakes are the worst things you can make, as a result kids are being educated out of their creative capacities. Without mistakes science would never advance and humanity and technology would not move forward, kids in school today are the future of humanity and technology.

Kids today are completely bored in class and if the Educational system has a lot to think about if they care about their countries. If we remove useless classes, allow kids to peruse their passions, thus making learning fun and stop suppressing students, then our country will see that its greatest resource is its children.


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