Loneliness is the state of being that one finds himself in when he feels alone or isolated. In most cases this is not the case, we are never truly alone but it is normal human behavior to feel this way. The lonely man may feel the way he does because of social, economical political and sometimes religious reasons. There is a multitude of reasons why one may feel lonely but there is always a salvation from this undesirable state of consciousness.

It is natural that in life a human may feel lonely. We as humans are constantly dealing with social problems that make us feel isolated. We often deal will loss, we all have loved ones, dealing with the impermanence of life is often very difficult to deal with. Stress and pressure can cause depression can strike and make us feel unwanted. We will seek company so that we may feel comfort but when we are unable to find someone to talk to loneliness will get worst. Our economical position can make us feel lonely as well. Having no money can make us feel like you have no help in life and having to much money can be like filling a hole in your heart with objects. Having a political opinion that differs from the general pubic can isolate you. Although religion is a salvation from loneliness for some, others, for example, feel isolated when they have sinned, perhaps feeling as if their god has forgotten about them. In some fundamentalist religions when a woman is raped she is ostracized from society and will never be abel to marry a respectable man. How are we to find exemption from this mental state when there are so many causes?

Loneliness is everywhere we look, it is inescapable and we will inevitably feel this emotion, but we may always find deliverance from loneliness by reaching out to others and looking within yourself, acknowledging the problem and observe your behavior is very important, look at situations objectively and understand why you are feel the way you are. From there you may tackle the situation however you want. Sometimes the situations isn’t the problem, sometimes your attitude about the situation is the problem.


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