The narrator is reduced to a child

“The Yellow Wall-Paper” by Charrlotter Gilman is the story of a woman suffering of mental illness. Her husband John tends to her and keeps her in a suffocating room where her illness worsens. Her paranoia sends her spiraling into a world of madness and she hallucinates as well as creeps on the floor of the room. In her vulnerable state she became completely dependent on her husband, she is reduced to an infantile state.

Because of the family structured ideology of the time, the husband, John, has much more power over her and its his responsibility to take care of her, but he takes care of her in a paternal manner and she is reduced to a child. In the story she Juxtaposes the life of a baby and the life of a prisoner to her life implying she feels trapped like a baby in its cradle. she is not treated like the wife of a loving husband (which is all the really needs to recover from her state),she is almost treated as if she was Johns daughter. John takes things away from her, she would right in her journalĀ  which was almost therapy for her but is not allowed adult freedoms and gets her journal taken away. She believes that the room she stays in was once a nursery which is symbolism for the fact that she is treated like an infant. When she is refused the freedom of visiting her cousin she cried symbolizing that she is not afforded the luxury of being an adult. She is trapped inĀ  her room all day like a baby in a nursery, and much like children who feel repressed her only escape is into her mind.

The narrator of the story is not afforded the luxury of being an adult, her husband does not give her basic freedoms such as visiting relatives, writing in a journal, she cant even go and take a walk outside, there for the is trapped therefor she escapes into her mind where her illness worsens.