The pale blue dot

Every human who has ever existed has lived on a pale blue dot floating around in the cosmos. We are but a species “on a mote of suspended in a sunbeam”. We think we are the center, that what we think and feel is important, but in the grand scheme of things the corrupt politicians, your break up, the failing economy etc. are all insignificant in comparison to the vast universe we inhabit. Our problems seem important to us because we are to distracted by our problems, the bills we have to pay, that girl not liking you back, the feeling of loneliness and helplessness but if one sits back and looks our into the vast night sky populated by fire giants we realize that our problems mean nothing to the great infinite. To the universe it is only nature running its course. The pale blue dot is the only thing we have ever known so it is in our human behavior to be fixed on the problems going on around us, but to the for ever expanding infinite, they mean nothing.